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Trisomy 13 - Patau Snydrome - Photos, Support and Resources

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a Father's perspective

Therese Ann,  Hi,

I want to thank you for reaching out to Elisabeth. It's been a thrill to hear of Natalia and to see the pictures of your beautiful daughter. She is so happy in all of the pictures. It makes me think that Katie would have been so happy to know her. I'm sure that they would have been great friends.

I've attached four pictures of Katie. This is with Elisabeth, taken when Katie was only a few weeks old. They are sitting in a rocking chair that I made years ago. I was instantly reminded of that picture when I saw one of you and Natalia.

Here are a couple from about the same time where I'm holding Katie in our living room on a sunny afternoon. We have a whole series of pictures from that day where Elisabeth and I are marveling at Katie's little feet and her cute little chin. When I touched her chin her mouth would open like you see in the photo. It's amazing what fascinates a new father.


The last picture is with my mom and Katie, taken when she was about seven weeks old. Katie was her first grandchild. My mom had a way to make Katie smile. It always makes me happy when I remember that she learned to smile.

My love for Katie has only grown since we lost her after eight weeks. The love and happiness that she brought me has far outweighed the hard parts. I remember talking with my father outside the delivery room shortly after Katie was born and telling him that no matter what happened in the future I had just witnessed the birth of my first child. I told him that now I was a father too, and that would last forever. That is something I will always have and will always be grateful for.

Katie brought a lot of people together, from different backgrounds, families and religions. The community we lived in really reached out to us and our little girl. Although we told our doctor that we would talk with other parents facing Trisomy 13, he never took us up on the offer.

Please add my name to your list of people who are available to offer support.

Contact me via phone 352 478-1155 or via email at:sslots66@hotmail.com or at my home address.

Steve Slotkin
2836 Wood Valley Court
Jacksonville, Florida 32217